ACOTANC : The Australasian Conferences On Tree And Nut Crops

ACOTANC, an acronym for the Australasian Conferences On Tree And Nut Crops, is a network organisation whose participants are the various organisations concerned with tree crops in the Australasian Zone which includes Australia, New Zealand, and all countries with at least 10 percent of their territory on islands of the South Pacific or Southeast Asia. This includes, for example, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Singapore, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Samoa.

The first ACOTANC was held in Perth, Western Australia, in 1982. Conferences are now held every three years.

Individual Conferences are hosted by interested local organizations at the arranged conference site. These organizations typically include grower groups, units of state or national government agricultural bodies, universities and colleges, and research, trade, or information provision organizations.

Past and Future ACOTANCs

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