Y14 Toc

Yearbook 14, 1989 #

  • Syzygium as a source of edible fruits - Peter G Wilson
  • Intercropping with Jujube in China - Chen Peng
  • Fugitive Earth Domains as Sources of Useful Fruit and Nut Genes - David Noel
  • Importation of Rare Fruits and Nuts: or Get �Em While You Can! - Paul Recher
  • Sex Determination in Seedlings of Carob - (Ceratonia siliqua) - A.J.Hart
  • Useful Palms of the Borassoideae Family: Borassus and Hyphaene - D.A.Griffiths
  • High Density Plantings of Macadamia - Tim Trochoulias
  • Horticulture in the USSR: Its Characteristics, Main Crops, and Their Distribution - L.A. Burmistrov
  • Nut Trees of Anhui Province, China - Li Shuchun
  • Pistachio Marketing: An Australian Perspective - Daniel Sprod
  • Responses of potted Hass avocado plants to paclobutrazol drenches - P R R Symons and B N Wolstenholme

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