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Yearbook 9, 1984 #

  • Bees - Orchard V.I.P.s: Recommendations for Almond Pollination in Australia, Professor Robbin W. Thorp
  • Wild Fruits of Australia, John M. Riley
  • Subtropical Fruit: Varieties and Culture for Commercial Production, P. R. Sale
  • New Zealand Kiwifruit: Commercial Production in the Bay of Plenty, P. R. Sale
  • Kiwifruit: Training and Pruning on T-Bar and Pergola Systems, P. R. Sale
  • Kiwifruit: Agronomic Aspects of Kiwifruit Research in Queensland, A. W. Whiley and J. A. Baker
  • Native Nuts and Fruits of Chile, Jorge Valenzuela B., Carlos Rojas M., Ivan Dodoy A., Walter Lobos A.
  • Native Nuts of the Philippines, Roberto E. Coronel
  • Wanatca Tissue Culture Report: May 1984, Chris Newell
  • Growing Blueberries, Ridley Bell
  • Macadamias, R. A. Stephenson
  • Macadamia Fertilizer Management, B. W. Cull
  • Exotic Fruits, N. T. Vock and B. W. Cull
  • Progress Report: Macadamia Training Trial, Dunoon, T. Trochoulias
  • Pecan Growing by Prescription, 0. S. Gray

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