Y8 Toc

Yearbook 8, 1983 #

  • Avocado Sunblotch Viroid: Importance of Pollen and Mechanical Transmission in Control Programs, Professor P.R. Desjardins and R.J. Drake
  • Pistachios: A Growers Experience, David McCarthy
  • Mycorrhiza of Trees: A Useful Relationship, J.F. Titze
  • Comments On The Tour To Burnei, Sabah, Philippines and Singapore, November 21-30, 1982, M.G. Hawson
  • Blueberries: Beaut Berries, Ridley Bell
  • Pines As A Source of Edible Nuts, Joseph J. Havel
  • Rare and Common Fruits: Conservation of Genetic Resources in Malaysia, Dr. Bobby Tee
  • Understanding the Background Behind Macadamia Crop Management With Respect to Water and Nutrition, B.W. Cull
  • Persimmon: A New Look At An Ancient Crop, A.P. George and R.J. Nissen
  • Understanding The Growth of the Avocado Tree, A. W. Whiley
  • Soil Management Trials On Avocado Trees, Tim Trochoulias
  • Current Marketing Strategy in Avocado Promotion, N.L. Goward
  • Armillaria Root Rot, R.F. Doepal

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